1 Simple Trick to Boost Your SEO (Beginner)

This 1 simple trick you can do yourself will help boost your SEO efforts for your business. The longer this trick has been implemented, the better it is. The way Google works is with age and relevance, and that’s what you’ll be hitting here. This won’t get...

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Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization Why pay for SEO? Ah yes, every business owner can optimize their own website for Google. But what they don’t tell you on the DIY blogs, is how to rank your websites for the highest searched keywords in your industry. Contrary to...

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Branding Your Business

Branding Your Business Let's talk about ‪Branding‬. Creating your ‪brand‬ is essential for improving your first impressions on consumers. Here are a few VERY effective ways for you to make your brand look as professional and trustworthy as possible:   Get...

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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing What are you doing? Are you on ‪Facebook‬ right now for fun or to use it to your advantage? If you run your own business, Facebook has tons to offer for ‪prospecting‬. And most of it is ‪FREE‬! Here are a couple things you can do...

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Color Psychology

Color Psychology Colors have a ‪subconscious impact on consumers' emotions. Today we'll talk about how your ‪business‬ can make more money by correctly implementing the magic of color.   [RED] - Physical The color red has the property of appearing nearer...

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